Sales as a Profession Sales Conference

18th June 2019 9am – 4pm

Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce


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It was started by Jarrod Best-Mitchell and Lyndon Brathwaite . Two sales professionals with over 20 years’ experience in sales within various sectors such as Telecoms, Automotive, Logistics, Technology and most recently conducted training for companies in those sectors.

Because of their passion for sales they decided to share their experiences and knowledge using IG Live as the medium. This idea quickly grew in viewers which eventually led them to having three (3) networking events; May, August, November 2018. Each event had a theme and purpose which was to further educate the audience on the best and most current sales practices in the industry.

In addition to the events both persons are well known on various social media platforms especially LinkedIn and Instagram for sharing thought provoking content for their audience.

But Why Are We Doing This Event?

Trinidad’s economy is going through one of its’ toughest times and sales is the life blood of any organization. Having your Sales team not only operating but using the best and latest techniques in sales is critical to survival.

Attendees get to hear from the best local practitioners and performers in the industry. Our focus on this being the 1st event is showcasing the local talent.

A platform to network and share knowledge with each other which is lacking in the sales industry locally.

Make Sales Professionals aware that there are platforms that they can share their knowledge.

Meet The Team


Lyndon H. Brathwaite


Jarrod Best-Mitchell